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“…no sooner had she seized the spindle than she pricked her hand and fell down in a swoon.” (Sleeping Beauty, Perrault)

“Sleep spindles [are] one- to two-second bursts of brain waves that rapidly wax and wane at strong frequencies.” (American Psychological Association)

This journal’s purpose is to evoke a dream-like state of creation. Spindle weaves together seemingly unconnected works of art and literature, constructing a new and inspiring way of approaching artistic content.
We place few restrictions on submissions; all we insist upon is that they be of the highest caliber. We especially encourage work that blurs the line between reality and illusion. All art forms are acceptable, including prose, poetry, visual artsmusic, film, performance art and craftwork. We particularly love to see submissions from undiscovered artists, though merit is our foremost requirement. Spindle publishes semiannually.

Spindle's special advisor is Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Claudia Emerson.

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